Video: Beyoncé & JAY Z’s #OnTheRunTourHBO (LiveStream)
With one of the world’s greatest power couples joining for one tour the #OnTheRunTOUR stopping everyone in their tracks grabbing their eyes and ears.  HBO got dibs on recording their first network concert event. Taped in Paris’ Stade de France, the world will finally be able to see Beyoncé & JAY Z perform over 40 songs as part of their On The Run tour. Watch in links below.

I’m  c r a z y  and I don’t pretend to be anything else.

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Here u go. #20factsaboutme

1. Totally Indonesian. #gaadacina #gaadakorea #gaadajepang #sipitaja #dontask
2. P E N C I T R A A N #1A #kaloadamah
3. Listen, watch, act even think #SWVG #maapin #gimanaatuh
4. Instead to know me as a smart girl, I am the ‘sotoy’ one. Yall know that Im hellyea confidence.
5. ‘Sok kenal’
6. White &/ black would be my first color(s) and gold #ohgosh for errrthang.
7. Obsessed with Ye & SkateBoard P then Gita Gutawa & Rayi Putra since junior highschool, and for now QueenB and Rih are perfect. Done. #artspeak
8. Most of ppl think Im fancy, elegant, classy outside #yesiam. But hmm, Im black and kawaii inside. How annoying. Ha ha ha.
9. Bad at memories. Can’t remember names, birthdays, anniversary, anything.
10. Never been to Spore and still not interested. #fornow
11. Like to adapting. New situations, places even new people.
12. Possessive with my friendsss. (Friends, not boyfriend, puhlease). #gapunya #pacar #huf
13. Pray before eat and can’t remember to pray for anotha condition.
14. Blue is always be my fave color. But I pick shocking pink to be wear. #akuhitam #jelekpakebiru
15. In defends mode, I denial. A lot.
16. Go somewhere farfarfar away just for eat. Or pray.
17. Speak and act ‘sok imut’ but also can be that bitchy.
18. Easily cry when watch movies, even its an action. (Imagine if its romance).
19. When broken heart, love to eat their fave food.
20. Only drink milk in da plane.

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